Signstek 110V 600W Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Balloon Blower Air Pump Inflator Pumper with Balloons


Signstek 110V 600W Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Balloon Blower Air Pump Inflator Pumper with Balloons

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When not use, you can store the wire to avoid to be damaged.
Automatic protection device, when the pump unattended too long time, the pump will automatically disconnect the power supply.
For advertising balloons promotional activities and balloon decoration and festive scene layout, inflation rate is fast, simple and flexible operation, switch control inflation, classified as continuous and touch-on two patterns, the appearance of lightweight, portable design
Double pump, balloon air pump
Built-in advanced anti-vibration foam to reduce friction in transit
Does not use a small balloon pump in the activities of small interface when the interface connected to the live spin
Have a handle at the rear part,easy to move and carry
In the balloon pump chamber placed the power supply, pumps with automatic regulator,could according to the size of the balloon material and inflation adjusted pumping time and setting place
Electric pump, built-in motor, acoustic sound is unavoidable
Ceate a warm atmosphere for the party and enjoy the nice time
Can be used to pump swimming laps

This electric balloon pump is designed with two operation modes, one automatic and one semi-automatic. Please choose the right mode for different balloons. If automatic mode is too fast, then please choose semi-automatic(press-on) mode, which will avoid blowing balloons burst. When using semi-automatic mode, just simply plug in the pump, leave power switch to “off” position and press the nozzle to inflate. If stop pressing, inflation will stop as well.
Please be aware that this product will only fill the balloons with air, not helium or hydrogen.

Product Specifications
Color: Rose Red
Material: plastic
Input voltage :110V
Pressure: 18000-22000pa
Frequency: 50Hz
Item weight: 1.3kg

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